Longevity planning – your life, carefully considered and fully planned

We are pleased to offer a variety of tools to help you with longevity planning. Working with you on your longevity planning is an important part of the service that The Millstone Evans Group provides.

This is especially important now because average life expectancy has increased over the last couple of decades. You may need to plan on the probability of living much longer than generations before could expect, particularly if you are in good health. We empower each of our clients with a portfolio of information that can help them design the future they want at all ages and life stages, and seamlessly pass on what’s important to the next generation.

Here are several ways that we support your longevity planning.

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Money Conscious with Sasha Millstone

DISCOVER OUR SERVICES. Let us introduce you to these four longevity planning tools and resources (the first three we offer complimentary to our clients) and how to easily sign up and manage. Click on the links below to learn more.

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  1. Clear Match Medicare. An unbiased agent partners with you to navigate options.
  2. EverSafe. This alert shields you and your loved ones from financial fraud.
  3. Everplans. A secure service that helps you organize and share key documents.
  4. Broadspire Care Management. Fee-based caregiving support tailored to your needs.


By clicking on this link to our quick questionnaire, and then responding and emailing the completed form to us before we meet, we will make the best use of our time together. It will give us a sense of the services that most interest you, Or, if you prefer, simply review the questionnaire to get familiar with it and we can explore your responses together.


Here are other important resources about longevity planning that we think you might find useful:


If you’d like to learn more about what longevity planning could mean for you, please contact our life cycle planning specialist, Toni@MillstoneEvansGroup.com, for a complimentary consultation.


A Life in 8,000 Day Parts

Here’s some basic math about modern lives. Let’s assume that a person, with some or more college education and good income, is now likely to live well into their 80s. Your life can be divided into four periods averaging approximately 8,000 days each. Birth to college graduation at age 22 is about 8,000 days. College graduation to midlife at about age 44 is another 8,000 days. Midlife to retirement at age 66 is 8,000 more days. And, add about another 8,000 days from your retirement party forward. Let’s talk about making the most of your next 8,000 days. It’s an entire phase of your life waiting to be invented.

‘Longevity literacy’ may be key to better retirement readiness

“Longevity literacy is an overlooked factor in addressing retirement preparedness. If you don’t have a realistic understanding of how long you are likely going to live, you are missing one of the most foundational components of any plan: a time horizon. If we can improve people’s longevity literacy, we can help create better retirement plans and increase their confidence.”