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with your financial choices
Our team combines expertise with a personal touch

No jargon. That’s one of our mottos at The Millstone Evans Group. We firmly believe in connecting with clients in a clear, personal way that differentiates us from the jargon-filled, impersonal nature of many financial advisor firms.

Our approach centers on removing the barriers to financial planning that many often experience. We do whatever it takes to make sure our clients feel very comfortable in a world that doesn’t often feel comfortable.

Smart planning for all life stages. That’s another motto we live by. Life is full of transitions, some of them unexpected.

We are interested in your concerns, your aspirations and how we can best help you navigate through the changes that come your way – planned or unexpected, pleasant or difficult. We will be with you through each shifting priority and every life stage, helping you think through your options and take control of the present while never losing sight of your vision for the future.

When we work with you as a client, we focus on building a strong relationship based on mutual respect and close communication, understanding your goals and providing a tailored plan to meet them. Some of the areas we are here to help you with include:

  • Financial planning
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus on investing
  • Longevity and retirement planning
  • Estate planning and charitable giving
Our process in a nutshell

Take a fresh approach to your financial life

Meet Sacha Millstone, President of The Millstone Evans Group, and hear more about her, our dynamic team and what makes us stand out.