Your moment
of financial clarity
Helping you see clearly through the fog of change

Life doesn’t progress in a simple line or circle. It’s not a clear path that can always be anticipated. Rather, life is a winding road with hills and valleys. Sometimes a turn takes you where you had planned, and sometimes you may find yourself in unexpected territory.

The essence of life is transition. We believe what often makes transitions remarkable are the people you encounter along the way who serve as guides and advisors – and the lessons you learn.

The financial advisors at The Millstone Evans Group focus on building relationships, then financial plans. We are interested in your concerns, your aspirations and how we can best help you navigate through the changes that come your way – planned or unexpected, pleasant or difficult. We will be with you through each shifting priority and every life stage, helping you take control of the present while never losing sight of your vision for the future.

A fresh approach to your financial life