Investing in your family’s future

Once you start planning for a family, it becomes more important than ever to build your financial future. You have new concerns and suddenly you wonder how best to prepare financially not only for a home but also for your children’s education as well as unforeseen emergencies and your own retirement.

Some of the questions we hear from our clients who want to factor family into their financial planning include:

  • When should I start saving and what should my goal be?
  • What types of saving accounts will be most advantageous to my family?
  • Will a 529 plan (also called a qualified tuition plan) help me plan for my children’s education? How can this type of tax-free savings account help pay for qualifying education expenses?
  • You may know about the importance of home, auto and health insurance. But how important for your family is it for you to have disability, life and long-term care insurance?

Our team is ready to explore how we can answer these questions and any more you may have. Taking care of you, your parents, your kids and your loved ones at all life stages, and having a safety net, is a priority for you. That means it’s a priority for us, too.

Our goal is simple: to help you feel comfortable with your family financial planning as we help you get on the right track.