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Comprehensive Overview of Our Client Services

My Big Picture

Looking for an easier way to keep track of your accounts? Clients tell us they love our My Big Picture tool because it helps them simplify their lives! My Big Picture keeps track of your investments as well as other important financial accounts – from credit cards to mortgages and whether held through us or not - in one location. It’s also very helpful with budgeting and expense tracking and, most importantly, it’s safe and secure. It’s a complimentary service, so please try it with no commitments or fees, and see if you like it. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and/or help you set it up. Want to learn more? Check out our My Big Picture “How-To” video through the link above.

Client Access

Use this link to access your investment accounts safely and securely.

ESG Investing – Tools That Get Results

We are pleased to offer clients our expertise and guidance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing (also known as “socially responsible investing,” “impact investing” and “sustainable investing”). ESG refers to investing that prioritizes optimal ESG factors or outcomes. Learn more.

Longevity Planning – Your Life, Carefully Considered

We are pleased to offer a variety of tools to help you with longevity planning. Working with you on your longevity planning is part of the service that The Millstone Evans Group provides. Learn more.

Upload Your Files Easily and Securely

Use this form to upload documents safely and securely to The Millstone Evans Group. Our team will work with you from our end to coordinate the timing of each upload and to assure that the documents been received.