Where women investors are truly heard

“Precisely because women are so busy on many fronts, they see wealth management and financial planning as one more thing on their plates, rather than a foundational lever to realizing greater autonomy, career flexibility, social entrepreneurship and any number of other goals and aspirations they wish to achieve.”

– Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest

If the quote above resonates with you, consider that studies show that those who have a financial plan in place have higher savings goals, save more, feel more confident about achieving their goals, and are in better fiscal health. It stands to reason. Most of us know from experience that we have a better chance of achieving goals when we write them down. So why don’t we all have a financial plan?

One obstacle may be that many women are not comfortable with financial advisors. Consider these statistics:

  • 44% of women in the United States do not have an advisor
  • 75% of women under 40 in the United States do not have an advisor
  • 81% of American women with $1 million or more in assets held in their name either don’t have an advisor or feel misunderstood by their advisor
  • More than 70% of widows fire their financial professionals within a year of their husbands’ deaths

Sacha Millstone and her team invite you to enjoy a positive planning and investing experience.

We understand that every woman’s situation is unique and every woman’s time is precious. We welcome you into a supportive environment and listen to your questions, priorities and concerns.

We know that life is more of a winding road than a straight path, and we help you plan accordingly. Your investment strategy can include investments designed to meet your financial goals and align with your values and provide meaning and purpose to your portfolio.