Episode 16: Our Expert Panel Explores Longevity Planning Services Available Now

Money Conscious with Sasha Millstone

Hi all,

I think you are going to love this topic! In Episode 16: Our Expert Panel Explores Longevity Planning Services Available Now, we share what longevity planning is and what it encompasses, including an overview of incredible tools available to you today.

Joining me on the panel are my colleague Toni Noto, Life Cycle Planning Specialist, and Alaina Butler, Raymond James Senior Longevity Planning Consultant, who was a big hit with her longevity planning talk at our recent Market Outlook event.

We share our perspectives on how longevity planning benefits people of all ages. We also spotlight specific details about these four longevity planning tools and resources (the first three we offer complimentary to our clients) and how to easily sign up:

  1. Clear Match Medicare. An unbiased agent partners with you to navigate options.
  2. EverSafe. This alert shields you and your loved ones from financial fraud.
  3. Everplans. A secure service that helps you organize and share key documents.
  4. Broadspire Care Management. Fee-based caregiving support tailored to your needs.

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