Life happens. Life changes. Are you ready?

While we discuss, plan and strategize with you to pursue your goals, we are mindful that life involves transitions, sometimes unexpected.

Our team of financial advisors at The Millstone Evans Group gets to know you and the way you think about money. We build relationships, not just financial plans. With your goals in mind, we recommend investment strategies tailored to your financial personality, using a diagnostic tool called Financial DNA. The results help us understand the way you think about money so we can personalize a plan specifically for you.

Retirement is the life change we plan for most. However, getting married, starting a family, buying a home, getting divorced, losing a loved one and changing jobs are among other life transitions during which financial planning can greatly help ease concerns by providing clarity about your path forward.

When a transitional life event takes place, our personalized, detailed and realistic planning approach can help you untangle the complexity of the situation, reducing any emotional overload that may be present. Your financial plan can serve as an anchor as you navigate choppy or unfamiliar waters. We’ll help you prioritize your to-do list and assist you with tasks that you feel are too time-consuming or difficult.

There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss.