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Episode 15: “Spring 2023 Market Update with Sacha and Greg”

Hi all,

I’m really excited to share this new podcast episode with you since it’s a very timely market update that addresses the questions I know many of you have. Weathering the ups and downs of volatile financial markets isn’t new, but somehow that doesn’t stop the concerns from popping up. That’s why now is a great time to stop, share a reality check and offer you our perspectives.

In Episode 15: Spring 2023 Market Update with Sacha and Greg, Greg Evans and I update you on the financial markets, including an assessment of where we are now, what investors should be thinking about, and how best you can continue to navigate market volatility. We are interviewed by Dave Singleton, our colleague and longtime client, who asks questions from the client perspective.

In this information-packed and engaging episode, we share:

  • Advice to calm the frayed nerves of investors who continue to fear this current period of volatility.
  • Why President Biden’s recent and first-ever veto, which protects and promotes Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance investing options, is so important.
  • Tips for how best to manage your financial portfolios right now.
  • What a recession might mean to investors.
  • Thoughts about the two recent bank failures, why these seem to be one-offs, and why we are so confident about the security of our investments.
  • How we see the rest of 2023 playing out – e.g., what role could factors like inflation, business drivers such as the healthy employment rate, and the political climate play in determining market performance.

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Happy listening!