Meet the Millstone Evans Group Team: Michele Duvall

Have you met Michele Duvall?

She describes herself as a “talker who is outgoing and believes everyone has something to offer” and as someone who loves to be involved in all aspects of a business. That sounds like someone ideally suited to human resources, right?

We certainly think so. As The Millstone Evans Group’s Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, Michele oversees staff, operations and team projects/initiatives. She provides guidance in problem resolution, client service, coordinating new processes, procedures and planning for our future growth. Having worked in every department of Raymond James' international headquarters and a branch office, Michele brings a wealth of valuable perspective to our team.

But Human Resources isn’t all she manages. She’s also the newly minted Chief Compliance Officer for the firm. In the past year, she’s taken on the challenge of overseeing compliance of the firm with the regulatory agencies, which includes making sure the company follows all rules, policies and procedures, and that disclosures are properly filed with the SEC. It’s a role that changed not too long ago when the company successfully made the move from being part of Raymond James to being a Registered Investment Advisor. The transition has involved managing complicated internal processes and subsequent coordination of compliance-related communications.

“With very job I ever had, I would expand that job,” says Michele. “I was interested in growing and moving up. I didn’t want to stay static.” (Read more about her work in her bio)

Static is not a word you can use to describe her progression as she rose through the ranks of Raymond James. Early on, she completed the management training program (during which she worked in every back-office department) and got licensed as a Series 7 broker. From there, she moved to the Human Resources Department, which then launched her into a variety of roles.

“I found I didn’t like recruiting but did like managing and interacting with a variety of people,” she says. “There’s always something I learned from everyone I met.”

Included in the people she met many years ago are Greg and Sacha, and those relationships deepened when she started as Raymond James Operations Manager in Washington, D.C. in 1989.

In 2014, Sacha asked her to manage the Raymond James Boulder office which Sacha and Greg were leading, which she did from the D.C. office with monthly visits to Boulder. The job evolved as the standalone office evolved and The Millstone Evans Group became an RIA.

She’s come a long way for a girl born in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin – population 500.

“What I always knew is that I was going to get out of that town as soon as I could,” she says and so she did, in a life that took her from that small town to the University of Wisconsin in Madison to the East Coast to find love, adventure and, along the way, get married and have two children.

She now lives in Maryland (with continuing frequent trips to Colorado) and is a grandmother who loves having kids and grandkids treat her house like their combination home and amusement park/resort.

The Millstone Evans Group is still evolving in many positive ways. So is Michele.

You can reach Michele at (301) 512-8661 or email Michele@MillstoneEvansGroup.com.