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Our 1st Money Conscious Podcast of 2023 – "Why This is the Time to Really Get Invested"

Hi all,

Welcome to my first podcast of 2023! I am excited to kick off a new year with new podcasts for you, and I am especially thrilled to welcome back Mike Gibbs, formerly Head of Portfolio and Technical Strategy, now Lead Portfolio Manager with Gibbs Capital Management, a division of Raymond James Investment Management. My podcast last fall with Mike was one of the most popular ones and there’s a reason for that: he’s a fabulous speaker, full of facts and so insightful about strategic thinking about the markets - where we are and where we’re likely going. You’re going to love this latest episode with Mike.

In Money Conscious Episode 13: A Raymond James Expert Shares Why This is the Time to Really Get Invested, Mike and I explore in detail many key areas such as:

  • Why 2023 will likely be a transition year and that brings with it much opportunity!
  • If we go into a recession this year, it will likely be a mild one because the economic factors (e.g., job market, consumers with cash) now are so different than those impacting previous deep recessions.
  • Several reasons why now is no time for investors to be complacent; it’s a time for investors to look forward.
  • The kinds of questions you should be asking your advisor right now to make sure you’re set up for maximal results down the road.

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Happy listening!