Donna Bio Headshot
Donna Boatright Operations Specialist

Although she is new to this industry, Donna Boatright came to us with an abundance of experience and skills that make her an excellent addition to our team!

Donna joined our company with an extensive background in customer service, and administrative management. She has more than 25 years of experience in project management and working directly with both customers and professional colleagues helping to achieve everyone’s goals. In her previous position she was the executive manager for a Federal Government / Charter helicopter company, being the right hand to the owner of the company. She oversaw all day-to-day functions, as well as being his personal assistant managing his personal schedule and accounts. She holds an S Security Clearance.

Donna moved to Colorado in May 2020 from Texas. In her personal time, she loves to go hiking, or watching sports of any kind. Donna is very active in her community, volunteering where she can. She has helped with her local Salvation Army, the Ronald McDonald House, and Meals on Wheels (which helps pets as well as people). Because she is passionate about animals, Donna has volunteered at many animal shelters and even fostered terminally ill pets that the previous owners could no longer care for. The only thing Donna loves more than helping others is spending quality time with her family and closest friends!