Socially Responsible Investing

Introducing Our New Proprietary Social Responsibility and Impact Portfolio Review Tool

We could not be more thrilled to introduce our new proprietary Social Responsibility and Impact Portfolio Review tool.

As you may know, Sacha was one of the first advisors in the country to offer socially responsible investing services. The Millstone Evans Group is continuing its leadership by providing a new level of insight into your portfolio through a social responsibility lens that is tailored to your values.

We are now able to show you an overall ESG/SRI score for your portfolio, and identify which of your investments have the highest and lowest scores. We can explain the ESG/SRI related components of the score for any mutual fund or individual company. 

For those interested, we can make a plan to improve the ESG/SRI quality of your portfolio steadily over time. To do this, we would conduct an annual ESG/SRI review in addition to your annual financial/investment review, and incorporate suggested changes into your portfolio after each meeting.

Our process begins with a very exclusive, wide-ranging database put together by MSCI, one of the industry leaders in ESG/SRI research. MSCI’s clients are primarily institutional investors such as money, mutual fund and pension fund managers. They have very few subscribers like us who work with individual investors like you.

We tailored MSCI’s rating model to emphasize what we understand is particularly important to our clients. Our process also allows us to further customize the analysis for each individual and produce a unique, actionable report.

We then review the report with you in a highly interactive meeting.

Socially responsible investing is not a science. We help you understand the background behind the ratings numbers and the real meaning of the scores, and strategize the best way to incorporate the new information into action to improve your portfolio.

The result: insights that will help you to align your values and your investments more than ever before.



Utilizing an ESG investment strategy may result in investment returns that may be lower or higher than if decisions were based solely on investment considerations.

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